French Vocabulary
Learn useful vocabulary French people use in normal, everyday conversations. The posts are divided into easy-to-learn "chunks" of about a dozen contextually-related words.
French Grammar
Whether you're brand new to French or an advanced student, check out these easy but informative French grammar lessons, taught in an understandable, casual way (and in English all the way).
Course Reviews
There are dozens of methods to learn French, both online and offline. These comprehensive reviews, from DVDs to audio courses to software, will help you pick the best learning materials to improve your French.

Bienvenue and welcome to The French Post, where we cover everything you need to know about learning French online in free, easy-to-learn mini-courses.

This website is divided between French grammar and vocabulary lessons, and we also review some other popular methods to learn French.

French Grammar Lessons

Our Teaching Philosophy

This site is designed to teach individual grammar lessons and vocabulary lessons in easy-to-understand English, with examples and explanations of the reasoning for any grammatical and vocabulary quirks. We try our best to be thorough without being boring. Our teaching  style is in many ways the reverse of the immersion method. Immersion works for some people (and, of course, it’s how children learn their native language), but many others, especially adult language learners, find it overwhelming and intimidating.

Grammar Lessons

In our grammar lessons, we focus only on teaching new grammatical concepts (not trying to teach new vocabulary at the same time, which textbooks often do) One of the goals of this website is to teach you to understand why the French language behaves the way it does. In many ways, French spelling and grammar are easier than English, and they usually have some sort of reasoning behind them. If you understand something instead of just memorizing it, you will retain the information much better.

Vocabulary Lessons

We also do not try to force vocabulary on you that you might not be interested in (instead of learning all the thing in the kitchen, for example). Our vocabulary lessons can help you target what you will want to use French for. If you want to become a French restaurant connoisseur, it’s much more practical to spend your time on food vocabulary instead.

The sooner you can speak and understand your areas of interest, the more motivated you will be to keep studying French (and you might even build the motivation to learn what the word for soap dispenser is)! (It’s un distributeur de savon, if you were curious.)

Additional French Learning Resources

Even the best French lessons are not going to be good enough to become an excellent speaker, writer, and listener! The other part of your language learning experience is that you need exposure to naturally-spoken audio and visual French as well as the opportunity to write and speak in French yourself. We have lists and reviews of many popular methods to learn French, and we’re planning more. Here are some suggestions to start with.


BooksOne of the most convenient ways to quickly understand the basics of learning French, there are a variety of popular texts that will teach you the structural basics of the language and help you construct simple sentences quickly.

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Audio Lessons

Books (2)If you will be traveling or living in a French-speaking country surrounded by people who do not speak English, your first priority will probably be able to speak and understand basic conversational French. It is arguably more important in that case to use audio lessons for basic sentence structure and common phrases, and then watching French movies without subtitles to pick up on more “natural” phrases, as well as intonation and pronunciation. Podcasts are also good for teaching you French as you do other activities. Advanced software like Rosetta Stone can test your speaking and understanding ability to some extent, but verbal interaction with a native French speaker is ideal.

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Books (1)There are some free vocabulary and matching French games online that teach at a beginner to intermediate level. In general, the more advanced you are in the language, the more difficult it will be for you to find a good course that doesn’t regurgitate basic vocabulary and grammar that you already know.

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Still not sure where to start? Try our overview of French versus English language differences.