How to Learn French Quickly

Learning foreign languages isn’t anything that can be accomplished instantaneously, but there are certainly more efficient ways to go about in than the traditional, classroom based French learning approaches, for those who need to know how to learn French quickly.

Learning French Grammar

Understanding what you may encounter in terms of vocabulary, its usage, and sentence structure will help you learn French quick and efficiently.

  • You can begin to learn French quickly by reading a brief overview of the most important elements of French grammar that you should know. As they are both Western languages, they are largely similar in the basic concepts, but the details can differ.

Learning French Vocabulary

As mentioned elsewhere on this website, pure memorization, whether via lists or flashcards, is the best way to cover a lot of ground in terms of French vocabulary, very quickly.

  • A vocabulary list that is ordered in terms of the frequency of use by native speakers is probably the most efficient way to work through vocabulary, as opposed to the traditional, thematic lessons (colors, numbers, animals, etc.) that many students learn in a classroom.

Learn French Speaking and Oral Comprehension

There are many ways to expose your ear to French speaking, from French podcasts to French music to French TV shows and movies.

  • If you are still a relative beginner, watching movies with French dubbing and French subtitles is one of the best ways to attune your ear to native French speaking quickly.
  • Learn French podcasts are an excellent way to learn French on a commute or in a few spare minutes of free time.

Best Way to Learn French Quickly

Complete immersion in the language with native French speakers is the fastest way to learn French and begin speaking and understanding it as soon as possible. Ideally, and if you need to learn French now, you would spend several weeks in France or a French-speaking country and force yourself to communicate in French. However, since for many people this is impractical, here are some alternate immersion-style suggestions:

  • Get a native French tutor who will talk to you entirely in French.
  • Use one of the French penpal websites to video chat with a native French speaker who wants to learn English. Alternate between who speaks in each language so that you can improve both your speaking and listening skills.
  • Use a learn French software program that is organized based on practical, immersion-style lessons. Rosetta Stone is the most well-known example. It is highly reviewed, but there are others.