French Lessons

There are many types of learn French lessons available, depending upon how you learn best, your budget, your learning priority (reading, writing, oral comprehension or speaking) and how much time you can devote to studying French.

Offline, audio CDs, books, software, and videos are the most popular instructional methods for learning French, and the cost can range from a few dollars for a secondhand learn French book to several hundred for the advanced French learning software. Some reviews of popular French teaching products are below.

Learn French Lessons Reviews

There are also some valuable vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation articles on this website, all free. Some of the most popular are listed here.

Learn French Lessons

  • French Vocabulary – Regularly updated, themed French vocabulary lists in reasonable sizes that you can add to your memorization list or you own flashcards. The words are always terms that are used commonly by modern day, native French speakers, and are often directly relevant to current events.
  • French Grammar – You can learn the basics of French grammar here, as well as what common English-speaking mistakes to watch out for, and the major differences between French and English grammar. Important grammar points are also explained individually.
  • French Pronunciation – What mistakes English-speaking natives make the most in French pronunciation, and simple steps to improve your clarity and minimize your English accent in French.

Online, you can generally find beginner, basic level French lessons for free, but you will need to pay for most intermediate and advanced French courses. Of course, if you are willing to look up each grammar point and vocabulary word one by one, you probably don’t ever need to pay, but for an orderly course.