VerbsBelow are some of the most common verbs in the French language.

What to Know About French Verbs

Notice that verbs in French don’t always have a direct English counterpart: sometimes the equivalent “verb” is a multi word phrase, such as “J’ai besoin de + something” meaning “I need + something.”

Also, sometimes English verbs can be divided into several different verbs in French: for example, the word “call” could be translated to telephoner, appeler or crier, and sometimes the reverse happens: different verbs in English go by just one verb in French, such as faire meaning both “to make” and “to do.”

The pronoun se in front of a verb means that it is a reflexive verb, and the reflexive pronoun should take on the form of the subject: such as “Je me réveille,” or “Vous vous réveillez.”

agree with être d’accord avec
know savoir
read lire
suggest suggérer
allow permettre
eat manger
learn apprendre
remember se souvenir
take prendre
answer répondre
explain expliquer
leave partir
run courir
talk parler
ask demander
fall tomber
like aimer
tell/say dire
feel se sentir
listen écouter
see voir
think penser
become devenir
fill remplir
live habiter
seem avoir l’air de
travel voyager
find trouver
sell vendre
try essayer
finish finir
send envoyer
lose perdre
turn tourner
borrow emprunter
follow suivre
make or do faire
understand comprendre
want vouloir
carry porter
happen arriver
need avoir besoin de
speak parler/dire
watch/look regarder
change changer
have avoir
open ouvrir
spend dépenser
will aller + infinitve verb
close fermer
hear entendre
pay payer
stand (upright) se tenir debout
win gagner
come venir
help aider
play jouer
begin/start commencer
work travailler
decide décider
cut couper
hold tenir
promise promettre
stop arrêter
worry s’inquiéter
believe croire
bring apporter
forget oublier
wait attendre
break casser
fly voler
keep garder
put mettre
study etudier
write ecriver
buy acheter
meet rencontre
show montre
wake up se reveiller
call (on phone) telephoner
give donner
move bouger
sit s’asseoir
walk marcher (general) / se promener (for pleasure)
go aller
must devoir
sleep dormir
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