ColorsLearning French colors is not difficult, since many of the French words for colors are identical to or similar to the English words, having evolved from the same root word form.

Grammar Rules with French Colors

Colors in French are adjectives that go after the noun they are modifying.

Une robe dorée (“A golden robe”)

Les yeux bleu aciers (“Steel blue eyes”)

Remember that when colors are used as adjectives, they need to agree with the gender and number of the noun they are modifying. Notice that the first example above has an extra e on the end, because une robe is feminine, and the second example above has an s on the end since les yeux is plural.

Modifying the Color

  • Dark: foncé (for example: vert foncé means “dark green”)
  • Light: clair (for example: bleu clair means “light blue”)
  • Colors that are halfway between two major colors, such as “red-orange” or “yellow-green” are described in the same way in French (rouge – orange or jaune – vert) and are not listed out separately in the colors list below.
English/French Color Vocabulary List
white blanc
silver argent
beige beige
pink rose
red rouge
orange orange
yellow jaune
green vert
turquoise (blue green) turquoise
cyan cyan
blue bleu
purple violet
mauve mauve
gray gris
black noir
gold doré
brown marron
navy blue bleu marine
fuchsia fuchsia
maroon bordeaux
olive green vert olive
chartreuse vert chartreuse
hot pink rose fluo
tan fauve
lime green vert citron
sky blue bleu ciel
lavender bleu lavande
slate gray gris ardoise
ivory ivoire
off-white blanc cassé
chocolate brown marron chocolat
salmon pink rose saumon
indigo blue bleu indigo
khaki kaki
mint green menthe a l’eau
steel blue bleu acier
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