Learn French by Podcast

One great resource for learning French is through podcasts – there are several high-quality podcasts available for different levels of learners. Some are ongoing programs, and some have ended years ago, but the information they provide is still helpful. When you are downloading one for the first time, find out if the difficulty level progresses over time, as well as whether there is an ongoing story line in the episodes, or if the episodes in the podcast can be listened to out of order.

  • Le Journal en Francais Facile is a daily news podcast in French that discusses current events in natural, yet understandable and clearly enunciated French. As well as learning to better understand spoken French, you will also learn about international current events, and will probably notice a different spin on current events, especially if you live in North America, from how your domestic media reports the news. French learners of any proficiency level will benefit from listening to and understanding as much as you are able to the news, but the sheer broadness of the vocabulary used will probably require you to be on at least an intermediate level before you get a good idea of what the reporters are talking about.
  • The VERBCast is a 20-episode podcast that reviews French grammar, especially, as its name suggests, verbs.
  • Learn French by Podcast is designed to teach conversational French and basic grammar to people who need to have real conversations with native French speakers. Each podcast comes with a PDF that re-iterates and explains the concepts, vocabulary, and grammar used in each lesson. The situations described are natural, and relevant to those who are traveling to a French-speaking country.
  • Learn French with Alexa is a concise, fun, and easy to follow podcast aimed at teaching French to beginners in an interesting way. Concepts are explained slowly and repeated so that even the most basic beginner can quickly begin to understand French. Each episode includes a PDF guide to follow along with that explains the grammar and vocabulary being taught.