ADVERBS (1)If you’re traveling to France or another French speaking country soon and only have time to learn basic French phrases, see the below list for some of the most useful phrases to know while to have very simple conversations in French. Almost any native French speaker will be pleased that you have taken the time to learn French phrases before you visit their country.

Manners and polite greetings

In most urban areas natives will recognize that you are an English speaker by your accent and may even respond in English, but most will appreciate that you have taken the time to address them politely in their native language. In more remote areas of French-speaking countries you may need to interact with someone who knows little to no English, and you will have to communicate with simple French phrases. Politeness goes a long way toward encouraging them to help you.

French phrases: greetings and goodbyes

Always, always be polite. Greet people with the appropriate French phrase. Greetings are much more important in France as a measure of politeness than they are in English. Never just walk up to someone and start asking a question.

Hello Bonjour (literally, “good day”)
Good morning Bon matin
Good evening Bonsoir
Goodnight Bon nuit
Goodbye Au revoir / adieu
How are you? Comment ça va? / Comment allez-vous?
Please S’il vous plaît
Thank you Merci
I am well. Ça va bien. (literally, “it goes well”)
My name is… Je m’appelle… (literally, “I call myself…”)

French phrases for traveling

  • I would like… “Je voudrais…”
  • I am looking for… “Je cherche…
  • Where is…”Où est…”

Other French phrases to know

  • I have… “J’ai…
  • I am going… “Je vais…
  • I am from… “Je suis de...”
  • I went… “Je suis allé…
  • How much (does this cost)? “Combien coûte?
  • It is… “C’est…”
  • Do you have… “Avez-vous…”
  • What time is it? “Quelle heure est-t-il?”
  • I need… “J’ai besoin de…”
  • Do you speak English? “Parlez-vous anglais?”
  • I don’t understand. “Je ne comprends pas.”
  • I don’t speak French. “Je ne parle pas français”
  • Can you help me? “Pouvez-vous m’aider?”
a taxi un taxi
the airport l’aéroport
the car la voiture
the train le train
the hotel l’hôtel
a restaurant un restaurant
a grocery store/market un marché
the museum le musée
a suitcase une valise
breakfast le petit déjeuner
lunch le déjeuner
dinner le dîner
a meal un répas
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